Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Developing a Disciplined Walk with Elohim

This post is a little late, we had another TTT last week on
12/09/10 we are now on lesson four of Bright Lights.

This is a true story of a young boy of eleven who
was oyster hunting with his family.
Mid morning he came across a complete oyster
shell, it was dead and empty except
 for a foreign object in it.
The boy was able to remove the the object and  threw
it out in to the waters.  Midway through the air he realized
what it was he thrown away and frantically searched for
the pearl, his family joined in but alas it was gone, never
to be found.

This is how our lesson began, a young boy focused on a
common shell throws away something of
much greater value.

And often times this is how it is with us, the
people of YHWH, we're so focused on
worldly things that we end up throwing away
the most precious thing of all...
a relationship with YHWH and his son Yahushua.

The lesson goes on to explain how Yahushua is
our one true friend and that we should
make a set time to meet with him on a daily basis to read,
study and pray.  The only way we will know his
voice is if we spend time with him.

There assignment was to keep a record of their daily
time with the Master.

Suggestions for daily time:
  • set a specific time 
  • find a quiet, private place
  • use your own scriptures
  • use a scripture reading plan 
Simple suggestion for Study:

  • pray and ask YHWH to enlighten you to his truth
  • ask YHWH for  a verse for the day
  • ask questions while reading
  • be alert while reading
  • record thoughts and scriptures
  • use Scriptures as prayers
  • dont' be just a hearer of the word, but a doer
Memorize the word:
  • start with just a verse or two and work up to paragraphs and finally try to memorize a whole book.  It's possible many people have done it, why not you!
Suggestions for Meditation:
  • personalize it by adding your own name
  • pray scripture
  • quote scripture, emphasizing different words each time
  • put music to a verse
  • picture each word in your mind
  • meditate at night as your going to sleep

My girls have already started their quiet time.
We read Torah together, but they are to seek
YHWH to show them what to read during
their fellowship time with Him.

AbbyYah is reading through Proverbs
and YahChanna is in the book of Revelation

and both are excited about what he is showing them, so far
he has given them a scripture each day to meditate on...
oh how exciting it is!!

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  1. Wonderful girls, keep in the habit of seeking Him in your Youth, it will be ever more special to you when you are older.... ;0)