Monday, January 31, 2011

Delicious Sugarless Chocolate Candies

I have to share this recipe I found,
it's raw, rich, delicious, nutty, chocolaty and
sugar free!!

I've been in search for a sweet chocolaty
candy or cookie that is sugarless and
have tried several recipes and to tell the
truth I nearly gave up till I tried this one
it's a raw chocolate and it's worth the try,
believe me this one is good!!

Of course I tweaked it a bit, I'm  not
 a lover of carob (yuck, yuck, and yuck!!)
so here is what I did:
First I didn't want to make a whole batch and
end up dumping in the trash so I reduced it down.

3 1/2 T of Coca
2 1/2 T of Carob (this was my change)
3 T of Honey
3 T of warm coco oil
pour some chopped pecans in didn't measure (this was my addition to the recipe)

I followed her instructions for mixing, then poured or
rather spooned the chocolate mix into
a candy mold.  Placed in the refrigerator till
they were hard.  Popped them out and
placed them in an air tight container, 
back into the fridge...
I ended up with 25 pieces of candies... that didn't
last the day.  My family loves them.... and I did too!!
now I have a raw chocolate candy for my chocolate craving!!
I've since made this recipe several times.
I might go ahead and make a full batch or at least 
half a batch according to her measurements.


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