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218 verses on keeping Torah

I found this at beloved blog
This list was put together by a man named Christopher Walter Fredrickson

1.) Is.2 [The Torah will be taught in the Millennial Kingdom]

2.) Is.8:20 [Those who are against the Torah have no light in them]

3.) Is.42:4 [The coastlands will wait for YHWH's Torah]

4.) Is.42:21 [YHWH will exalt the Torah and make it honorable]

5.) Is.51:7 [The Torah mentioned to be on people's hearts before Jer.31:33]

6.) Jer.31:33 [The Torah will be on our hearts during the Millennial Kingdom]

7.) Micah 4:2 [Nations will come to learn the Torah in the Millennial Kingdom]

8.) Zech.14:16-19 [The Feast of Tabernacles will be kept in the Millennial Kingdom (Lev.23)]

9.) Lam 2:9 [Jeremiah lamented that the Torah is no more. Why lament if it will be done away with?]

10.) Psalm 119 [David exalted the Torah]

-The Gospels-

11.) Matt.4:4-10 [Yeshua used the Torah to rebuke the adversary (Deut 8:3; 6:16; 6:13)]

12.) Matt.5:17-19 [Those who teach against Torah will be least in the Kingdom of Heaven]

13.) Matt.7:12 [The Golden Rule (Midrash on Torah)]

14.) Matt.9:20 [Yeshua wore Tzitziot (Num.15:38)]

15.) Matt.11:13 [Yeshua used the Torah & the Prophets to prove John the Baptist valid]

16.) Matt.12:5 [Yeshua interpreted the Sabbath]

17.) Matt.14:36 [Yeshua wore Tzitziot (Num.15:38)]

18.) Matt.22:36-40 [Yeshua taught the greatest commandments from the Torah USING the Torah]

19.) Matt.23:23 [Yeshua emphasized the weightier matters of the Torah USING the Torah]

20.) Mark 3:4 [Yeshua interpreted the Sabbath]

21.) Mark 6:18 [John the Baptist used Torah to rebuke Herod (Lev.20:21)]

22.) Mark 6:56 [Yeshua wore Tzitziot (Num.15:38)]

23.) Mark 10:5-12 [Yeshua taught on divorce using the creation account]

24.) Luke 2:21 [Yeshua circumcised on the eighth day (Lev.12:2-3)]

25.) Luke 2:22-39 [Yeshua was presented before YHWH as the first born (Ex.34:19)]

26.) Luke 2:24 [An offering was made for Yeshua being the first born (Lev.12:6)]

27.) Luke 4:16 [Yeshua's custom was to attend Synagogue on the Sabbath day not Sunday]

28.) Luke 6:3-9 [Yeshua is Master of the Sabbath]

29.) Luke 10:26-28 [Yeshua encouraged Torah observance by elevating the weightier commandments]

30.) Luke 10:30-37 [Yeshua gave a parable of the good Samaritan/love your neighbor]

31.) Luke 14:5 [Yeshua preserved life on the Sabbath]

32.) Luke 16:16 [Yeshua used Torah and the Prophets to prove John the Baptist is valid]

33.) Luke 16:17 [It is easier for heaven & earth to pass away than for Torah to do so]

34.) Luke 24:44 [Suffering Servant Prophecy fulfilled]


35.) John 1:17 [Through the Torah, Messiah's Grace was manifested] *

36.) John 1:45 [Phillip used the Torah & the Prophets to convince Nathaniel about Yeshua being Messiah]

37.) John 5:8 [Yeshua healed a lame man on the Sabbath]

38.) John 7:19 [Yeshua used the Torah to defend Himself]

39.) John 7:22-23 [Yeshua interpreted the Sabbath]

40.) John 7:24 [Yeshua taught to judge righteously (Lev.19:15)]

41.) John 7:49 [Yeshua said those who do not know Torah are accursed]

42.) John 7:51 [Nicodemus used the Torah to prove Yeshua innocent]

43.) John 8:5-12 [Yeshua won the challenge concerning the woman in "adultery" (Lev.20:10)]

44.) Acts 2 [The disciples celebrated Shavuot (Pentecost)]

45.) Acts 6:13 [False witnesses accused the disciples of teaching against the Torah]

46.) Acts 13:14 [Paul went to Synagogue on Sabbath]

47.) Acts 13:15 [Paul attended Synagogue on Sabbath]

48.) Acts 13:39 [Paul taught the Torah and the Prophets in Synagogue]

49.) Acts 13:42 [Gentiles wanted to hear more about Torah and Messiah next Sabbath]

50.) Acts 13:44 [Almost the whole city came the next Sabbath and wanted to learn]

51.) Acts 13:46 [Paul and Barnabas decided to teach Torah/Prophets to the Gentiles (Is.49:6)]

52.) Acts 13:48 [Gentiles were filled with gladness because they get to learn about Yeshua & Torah]

53.) Acts 13:49 [Torah and the Prophets were spread throughout all the region of Antioch]

54.) Acts 15:21 [Moses was taught in all the cities in Synagogues on the Sabbath Day]

55.) Acts 15:28-29 [New gentile converts were to keep the kosher laws of Torah before learning the rest of it]

[Foods offered to idols/eating blood/eating things strangled/sexual immorality]

[(Ex.20:3/Lev.7:26;17:12; 22:8/Deut.14:21)]

56.) Acts 16:13 [Prayer was customarily made on the Sabbath Day]

57.) Acts 17:2-4 [Paul taught Yeshua and Torah for THREE Sabbaths not three Sundays!]

58.) Acts 18:4 [Paul persuaded Jews and Greeks about Yeshua EVERY Sabbath!]

59.) Acts 18:13 [False witness accused Paul of teaching against Torah]

60.) Acts 18:18 [Paul takes a Nazirite vow and shaves his head (Num.6)]

61.) Acts 20:6 [Paul sails to Philippi AFTER Unleavened Bread. Why mention this if it’s done away with?]

62.) Acts 20:7-12 [Paul kept the Sabbath and taught for Havdallah until midnight]

63.) Acts 20:16 [Paul wanted to arrive in time at Jerusalem to keep Shavuot (Ex.34:22/Lev.23:15-22)]

64.) Acts 21:20 [New converts were ZEALOUS for the Torah!]

65.) Acts 21:24 [Paul showed that he keeps the Torah]

66.) Acts 21:28 [More false accusations saying that Paul taught against the Torah]

67.) Acts 22:12 [Paul used the Torah to say Ananias was a devout man]

68.) Acts 23:3 [Paul used the Torah to defend his position]

69.) Acts 23:4 [Paul quoted the Torah (Ex.22:28)]

70.) Acts 24:14 [Paul believed all things in the Torah and the Prophets]

71.) Acts 28:23 [Paul taught people the Torah and the Prophets]

-Pauline Epistles-

72.) Rom.2:13 [Those who do the Torah and not just hear it are considered justified]

73.) Rom.3:31 [Faith does not make void Torah]

74.) Rom.6:15 [Grace is not permission to sin]

75.) Rom.7:2 [Paul taught the laws of marriage & divorce (Deut.24)]

76.) Rom.7:7 [The Torah is not sin]

77.) Rom.7:12 [The Torah is holy, just, and good]

78.) Rom.7:26 [The Torah is good]

79.) Rom.7:22 [Paul delighted in the Torah of YHWH]

80.) Rom.13:18 [Love fulfills the Torah]

81.) Rom.13:10 [Love fulfills the Torah]

*1 Corinthians:
82.) 1Cor.1:18 [Paul quoted Isaiah 29:14 for his doctrine]

83.) 1Cor.1:31 [Paul quoted Jeremiah 9:24]

84.) 1Cor.2:9 [Paul quoted Isaiah 64:4]

85.) 1Cor.2:16 [Paul quoted Isaiah 40:13]

86.) 1Cor.3:19 [Paul quoted Job 5:13]

87.) 1Cor.3:20 [Paul quoted Psalm 94:11]

88.) 1Cor.5:1 [Paul used Torah to rebuke sin (Lev.20:11)

89.) 1Cor.5:6-8 [Paul encouraged believers to keep Passover (Lev.23)]

90.) 1Cor.5:9-11 [Paul taught to not be yoked with the sexually immoral (Lev.20)]

91.) 1Cor.5:12-13 [Paul quoted Deut.17:7; 19:19; 22:21; 24:7]

92.) 1Cor.6:9-10 [Paul listed immoral actions defined by Torah (Lev.20)]

93.) 1Cor.6:16 [Paul quotes Gen.2:24]

94.) 1Cor.7:10-11 [Paul taught on marriage and divorce (Deut.24)]

95.) 1Cor.7:19 [Paul taught that keeping the Torah is more important than IMMEDIATE circumcision]*

96.) 1Cor.7:39 [Paul taught the laws of marriage and re-marriage]

97.) 1Cor.9:9-12 [Paul did a midrash on Deut.25:4]

98.) 1Cor.9:21 [Paul kept YHWH's Torah when ministering to those who didn't have the Torah]

99.) 1Cor.10:1-22 [Paul did a midrash on Ex.32:6]

100.) 1Cor.10:26 [Paul quoted Psalm 24:1]

101.) 1Cor.14:21 [Paul quoted Isaiah 28:11-12]

102.) 1Cor.15:27 [Paul quoted Psalm 8:6]

103.) 1Cor.15:32 [Paul quoted Isaiah 22:13]

104.) 1Cor.15:45 [Paul quoted Gen.2:7]

105.) 1Cor.15:54 [Paul quoted Isaiah 25:8]

106.) 1Cor.15:55 [Paul quoted Hosea 13:14]

*2 Corinthians:
107.) 2Cor.3:12-17 [Paul did a midrash on the veil of Moses (Ex.34:33-35)]

108.) 2Cor.4:13 [Paul quoted Psalm 116:10]

109.) 2Cor.6:2 [Paul quoted Isaiah 49:8]

110.) 2Cor.6:16 [Paul quoted Lev.26:12/Jeremiah 32:38/Ezekiel 37:27]

111.) 2Cor.6:17 [Paul quoted Isaiah 52:11/Ezekiel 20:34; 41]

112.) 2Cor.6:18 [Paul quoted 2 Samuel 7:14]

113.) 2Cor.8:15 [Paul quoted Ex.16:18]

114.) 2Cor.9:9 [Paul quoted Psalm 112:9]

115.) 2Cor.10:17 [Paul quoted Jeremiah 9:24]

116.) 2Cor.13:1 [Paul quotes Deut.19:15]

117.) Gal.3:6 [Paul quoted Gen.15:6]

118.) Gal.3:8 [Paul quoted Gen.12:3; 18:18; 22:18; 26:4; 28:14]

119.) Gal.3:10 [Paul quoted Deut.27:26]

120.) Gal.3:11 [Paul quoted Habakkuk 2:4]

121.) Gal 3:12 [Paul quoted Lev.18:5]

122.) Gal.3:13 [Paul quoted Deut 11:26-28; 27:15-26]

123.) Gal.3:16 [Paul quoted Gen.12:7; 13:15; 24:7]

124.) Gal.4:27 [Paul quoted Isaiah 54:1]

125.) Gal.4:30 [Paul quoted Gen.21:10]

126.) Gal.5:14 [Paul quoted Lev.19:18]

127.) Eph.4:8 [Paul quoted Psalm 68:18]

128.) Eph.4:25 [Paul quoted Zechariah 8:16]

129.) Eph.4:26 [Paul quoted Psalm 4:4]

130.) Eph.5:31 [Paul quoted Gen.2:24]

131.) Eph.6:2 [Paul quoted Deut.5:16]


132.) Philipp.2:17 [Paul related himself to a drink offering (Lev.23:13)]

*1 Thessalonians:
133.) 1Thess.4:2 [Paul taught to walk in the Commandments of YHWH]

134.) 1Thess.4:3 [Paul taught to avoid sexual immorality (Lev.20)]

135.) 1Thess.5:1-11 [Paul taught that those who don't know the Feast Days are in darkness/blind]

*2 Thessalonians:

136.) 2Thess.1:8 [Paul quoted Isaiah 24:23]

*1 Timothy:
137.) 1Tim.1:8 [Paul taught that the Torah is good if one uses it right]

138.) 1Tim.5:18 [Paul quoted Deut.25:4]

139.) 1Tim.5:19 [Paul taught the concept of two witnesses (Deut.19:15)]

*2 Timothy:
140.) 2Tim.3:15 [Paul said Timothy had known the "Holy Scriptures" (Torah/Prophets) since his youth]

141.) 2Tim.3:16 [Paul referred to the Torah/Prophets when he said "Scripture, Doctrine, Instruction"]

142.) 2Tim.4:6 [Paul related himself as a drink offering (Lev.23:13)]

143.) Titus 2:9 [Paul taught obedience to the Torah concerning bondservants & masters (Deut.15:12-18)]

144.) Titus 2:14 [Paul taught that Yeshua died so we will have zeal for good works (Torah)]

-Other Epistles-

145.) Heb.1:5 [quoted Ps.2:7/2Sam.7:14]

146.) Heb.1:6 [quoted Deut.32:43/Psalm 97:7]

147.) Heb.1:7 [quoted Ps.104:4]

148.) Heb.1:9 [quoted Ps.45:6-7]

149.) Heb.1:12 [quoted Ps.102:25-27]

150.) Heb.1:13 [quoted Ps.110:1]

151.) Heb.2:8 [quoted Ps.8:4-6]

152.) Heb.2:12 [quoted Ps.22:22]

153.) Heb.2:13 [quoted 2Sam.22:3/Isaiah 8:17-18]

154.) Heb.3:11 [quoted Ps. 5:7-11]

155.) Heb.3:15 [quoted Ps.95:7-8]

156.) Heb.4:3 [quoted Ps.95:11]

157.) Heb.4:4 [quoted Gen.2:2]

158.) Heb.4:5 [quoted Ps.95:11]

159.) Heb.4:7 [quoted Ps.95:7-8]

160.) Heb.5:5 [quoted Ps.2:7]

161.) Heb.5:6 [quoted Ps.110:4]

162.) Heb.6:14 [quoted Gen.22:17]

163.) Heb.7:17 [quoted Ps.110:4]

164.) Heb.7:21 [quoted Ps.110:4]

165.) Heb.8:5 [quoted Ex.25:40]

166.) Heb.8:12 [quoted Jer.31:31-34]

167.) Heb.9:20 [quoted Ex. 24:8]

168.) Heb.10:7 [quoted Ps.40:6-8]

169.) Heb.10:16 [quoted Jer.31:33]

170.) Heb.10:17 [quoted Jer.31:34]

171.) Heb.10:30 [quoted Deut.32:35-36]

172.) Heb.10:37 [quoted Hab.2:3-4]

173.) Heb.11:5 [quoted Gen.5:24]

174.) Heb.11:18 [quoted Gen.21:2]

175.) Heb.12:6 [quoted Prov.3:11-12]

176.) Heb.12:20 [quoted Ex.19:12-13]

177.) Heb.12:21 [quoted Deut.9:19]

178.) Heb.12:26 [quoted Hag.2:6]

179.) Heb.13:5 [quoted Deut.31:6-8/Josh.1:5]

180.) Heb.13:6 [quoted Ps.118:6]

181.) Jam.1:22-24 [James taught to be a doer of the Word]

182.) Jam.1:25 [The Torah is liberating]

183.) Jam.2:8 [James quoted Lev.19:18]

184.) Jam.2:11 [James quoted Ex.20:13-14/Deut.5:17-18]

185.) Jam.2:23 [James quoted Gen.15:6]

186.) Jam.3:2-12 [James did a midrash on the evil tongue (Lev.14)]

187.) Jam.4:6 [James quoted Prov.3:34]

188.) Jam.4:12 [James said YHWH is our Lawgiver. Why need a Lawgiver if the Law is done away with?]

*1 Peter:
189.) 1Pet.1:16 [Peter quoted Lev.11:44-45; 19:2; 20:7]

190.) 1Pet.1:25 [Peter quoted Isaiah.40:6-8]

191.) 1Pet.2:6 [Peter quoted Isaiah 28:16]

192.) 1Pet.2:7 [Peter quoted Ps.118:22]

193.) 1Pet.2:8 [Peter quoted Isaiah 8:14]

194.) 1Pet.2:22 [Peter quoted Isaiah 53:9]

195.) 1Pet.3:12 [Peter quoted Ps.34:12-16

196.) 1Pet.3:14 [Peter quoted Isaiah 8:12]

197.) 1Pet.4:8 [Peter quoted Prov.10:12]

198.) 1Pet.4:11 [Peter taught to speak as the Oracles of YHWH (Heb.5:12; Acts 7:38; Rom.3:2)]

199.) 1Pet.4:18 [Peter quoted Prov.11:31]

200.) 1Pet.5:5 [Peter quoted Prov.3:34]

*2 Peter:
201.) 2Pet.2:22 [Peter quoted Prov.26:11]

*1 John:
202.) 1Jo.2:3-5 [We are YHWH's children if we keep His commandments]

203.) 1Jo.2:6 [We are to walk as Yeshua Messiah walked (Torah)]

204.) 1Jo.3:4 [Sin is violating the Torah]

205.) 1Jo.3:22 [We are to do YHWH's commandments and do things that are pleasing to Him]

206.) 1Jo.3:23 [To believe in Yeshua as Messiah is a Torah based faith]

207.) 1Jo.3:24 [Those who keep YHWH's commandments abide in Him, and He in them]

208.) 1Jo.5:2 [We are YHWH's children if we keep His commandments]

209.) 1Jo.53 [It is the love of YHWH to keep His commandments and they aren't a burden]

*2 John:
210.) 2Jo.1:6 [It is love to walk in His commandments]

211.) 2Jo.1:9 [Violators of Torah do not abide in the teaching of Yeshua which is to follow Torah]

[Those who abide in the teaching of Messiah has both YHWH and Yeshua]

212.) 2Jo.1:10 [John said to have nothing to do with those who teach against the teaching of Messiah]


213.) Jude 1:12 ["love feasts" were the Feast Days (Lev.23)]

214.) Rev.1:6 [The Torah comes forth from Yeshua's mouth]

215.) Rev.12:17 [The adversary is enraged mainly with those who keep Torah & believe in Yeshua]

216.) Rev.14:12 [Those who endure are they that keep the Torah and believe in Yeshua]

217.) Rev.19:15 [Yeshua judges and strikes the nations with the Torah (Word of YHWH/His Sword)]

218.) Rev.22:14


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