Sunday, October 19, 2008

It arrived!

I ordered this book to ROL with my girls, however, I do believe I'll read for myself first!
Wow, I've read so many good reviews of this book that I must say
they were right on!
Here is a little sample:It is easier to build a bad than a good character. One can always go downhill with less difficulty than up, and glide with the current than row against it, and it is easier to drift with the crowd than to stand for the right. The bad character grows without effort. Just to be careless and indifferent to consequences may be the cause of downfall in one who would like to be noble. They who fall have been weak, for good character is strong.
you can read this book free on-line here
or if your like me and like to have the book on the shelf, in your purse,
or on your night stand, you can order it
through I got mine for the
wonderful price of $.01...and it was in
like new conditions.

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