Monday, October 13, 2008

This Simple Woman's Daybook #2

October 13, 2008
Outside my window: it's dark out...cloudy...and looking a little stormy
I'm thinking: How nice it will be to take a nice hot shower and then pour myself some herbal tea and open up the word for some nourishment.

I'm thankful: for a car that isn't a gas hog...just $20-25 a week...
From the kitchen: dishes are calling to be washed, we had canned soup Select Harvest Italian Style Wedding soup, which was very filling and fulfilling :-) Before going to bed I'll put on a pot (crock pot) of beans to slow cook all night and all day tomorrow.

I'm wearing: white blouse, black jumper, and barefooted.
I'm creating: We (my girls and I) are embroidery napkins for our Thurs. Tea time.

I'm going: to bed very soon...yawn...

I'm reading: B'resheet/Genesis 4-6, finishing up Boxcar Children, Meet Felicity, and starting later on this week: The mystery in the Cave, and The mystery of the Mixed up Zoo.

I'm hoping: I can figure out how to put back together this wedding dress I have apart...The layers of chiffon are constantly shifting and just giving me a head-ache.

I'm hearing: The radio~ Come eat bread if your hungry

One of my favorite things: Is to go on a nature walk with my girls...and I especially enjoy grilling out at the park later!

A few plans for the rest of the week: oy! to finish up this wedding dress. I bought a couple of patterns, fabric, and lace to make the girls some dresses. They are on this Felicity kick right now, so needless to say we are making "Felicity" style dress... *grin* perfect for the upcoming Thanksgiving Dinner.

Here is a picture thought I want to share: This is the fabric we chose. The printed autumn leaf fabric will the the dress and the green fabric will be the cap and shoulder shawl.

I'll be making the dress on the far upper right side of the pattern. The lace will be around the cap, shawl, hem, and sleeves.

This is the wedding dress I'm altering...oy...I'm so ready to be finished with it...
this is a pic of the waist: removing the skirt from the bodice of the dress...yes those are little beads that will have to sewn on by hand, all the way around the waist, front and back...

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