Saturday, October 24, 2009

I've got my boxing glove's's a fight!

For the last four days or so I've been feeling
rather congested in my head
and woke up sneezing like I decided to test
the garlic tea remedy.
Yuk, I didn't like it so I just
ate a couple of garlic raw with
water to wash it down.
I did this every morning
and night. Well, the cold never
got worse but it never did
get better either!
It just so happened my Garlic book came in the
mail yesterday, so last night I read and found
out that I needed to be taking in a lot more
garlic than I had been.
So today I had garlic tea with onion, no lemon
no honey. I had about 5-6 garlic
cloves in it. It really wasn't bad.
I did this a couple of times and for
dinner I had chicken noodle soup with you
guested it garlic and onion LOTS!
I don't know if I'm getting used to
the garlic flavor or my taste buds
just don't recognize the unique
flavor of garlic but I kinda like it.
I felt a little worse this am when I woke up
but after the garlic felt better.
Again tonight I was really starting to
feel my chest hurting and
again after the garlic I'm feeling
pretty good.
Time will tell if this garlic
will work for me.
I know your wondering
did dh eat garlic as a self-defense...
what do you think? LOL
Bone Apatite!

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