Thursday, April 22, 2010

TOBY week 1

Loni @ Hearts in Training is starting a weekly HS Highlights for
Torah Observant Believers in Yahshua meme
which I thought was a great idea for us.

This week I created three different decks of cards:
Ancient Hebrew, Modern Hebrew, and Combination of both
Alef-Bet flash cards using PagePlus a free desktop publisher program.

My girls already know the modern Hebrew Alef-Bet
thanks to the Alef-Bet Video by Debbie Friedman
They're not familiar with the Ancient Hebrew.
We'll be playing several card games with these
decks, I'll share their favorite one which is called
'BAM' Throw all the cards in a bucket
or bowl. The first player picks a card from
the bucket and then says the name, sound and
the modern Hebrew letter equivalent to it.
If the answer is correct the player gets to keep
the card if not it goes back in the bucket. The game
continues with each player picking a card.
Now this is the FUN part, when a player
picks BAM he must then take all the
cards he has been collecting and put them in the
bucket and the next player picks.
My girls can play this game for hours and
never get tired!!

My girls wanted to join Girl Scouts but after
searching it out we found that they aren't
very Torah observant, so we began to
seek an alternative and through answered
prayer we found
Keepers of the Faith
they offer a handbook for boys
and girls to keep record of activities
to build skills and biblical character.
Please click on the above
header pic and visit their site
to get more of an idea of what it
is like to be a Torah Observant Maiden


  1. thanks so much for sharing Yahkeena! Love your alph-bet cards :-)

  2. I had been trying to make acient hebrew flash cards for a while with no success...then I came across your post where you mentioned making some with the free download fonts at ancient-hebrew site...I downloaded those fonts well over a year ago and just forgot about them...thanks for reminding me :-D

  3. I have not made my set yet, I think it is because I currently have too many pencils in the fire...but they look wonderful! Great Idea and thank you for the link... :)

  4. Great job with the cards! And I love the Torah Keeping Maidens! My daughter was in girl scouts and my son in boy scouts, but I was led to lay it down, as we started walking in light of Torah. This is fantastic! We were just looking through an old boyscout handbook today to try and pick out some activities to do over the summer, since we can not afford prepare and pray right now!
    May Halea and I join in with your Torah Keeping Maidens "club" =) {smile}
    Would you mind if I link to it on my blog? I didn't see a button...

    Thanks for linking up with the TOBY's :)
    Shabbat Shalom!

  5. Loni~ I sent you a response to your questions,
    check your e-mail.

    We would love for you both to join the club :-D
    more details in the response I sent you.

    Thanks for offering TOBY's for all to join in and participaite.

    Shabbat Shalom to you and yours

  6. Andi~ would you like me to send you a pdf of the flash card? let me know :-D