Sunday, November 13, 2011

A New Perspective

Perspective per-spek-tiv
(cognitive), one's "point of view", the choice of a context for opinions, beliefs and experiences

In the last few weeks my perspective on 'the narrow way' has changed or actually has been brought to  a more true or accurate definition.  As I was pondering on changing my blog design and possibly the title, the question came to my mind, what does narrow mean?.  I had my idea of what it meant pertaining to my life, being set-apart, walking in the ways of our Creator, and allow the Ruach to take off and put on as needed in this Torah walk.  But I soon found out that we were actually LIVING the more accurate meaning...

in the Hebrew the word is בקש baw-kash (there is no short a vowel sound in Hebrew) means to search out, strive after, beg, beseech, or desire.
צר tsawr which  means to be afflicted, adversary, anguish, distress, enemy, foe, narrow, strait, tribulation, or trouble.  And in the Greek it means to crowd, narrow, afflict, throng, suffer tribulation, or trouble.
דרך deh-rek refers to a road, coarse of life, mode of action, a long way, custom, journey, manner, passage, through, or towards.

Wow, OK I was taken back to say the least, of coarse I knew this way was full of trials and tribulations but to actually realize what my quest in the walk was... tribulation, troubles, hardships... truly I had know idea of what it was I was seeking!  However, I can say that I have found it and yes all the descriptive words have captured what my last 11 years have been.  I remember praying that I would seek the narrow way, if I would have only remembered this scripture,

Mat 7:14  “Because the gate is narrow and the way is hard pressed which leads to life, and there are few who find it. Footnote: Or the way is afflicted.  (The Scriptures)

I surely would have not asked to desire the narrow way!  But, in His goodness Yah granted me my request and has taken us a hard-pressed way, a way that has caused me to grow-up, a way that taught me to release my way, my dreams and my stuff to Him.  And in doing so, you know what, I found out that He is more than able to keep me in every circumstance!  I also found out that all that 'stuff' I thought was mine, was actually His, His to give and to take as He sees fit.  Yahweh has been good to me, he brought me to a place where I thought for sure I was not His, lost, never to enter into His kingdom.  And at that moment when the enemy had whispered his most hopeless lie to me, my response was... "Where shall I go Yah?  You are Life, you are truth, and the world has nothing I desire... it's You I want... well, if I'm not yours, I'll just hang on to your robes until the very end and then you can do with me as you see fit because the world has nothing for me, it's You that I desire to live for and I will live for"  This happened just a few months ago and of coarse Yah showed me that I was His and that it was the enemy was lying to me.  But he also showed me in that, that He is the lover of my soul that if choices have to be made that Praise Yah I do believe, He would be my choice in life or death!

This Narrow way has been hard and very revealing!  But you know what... I find myself hungering for it all the more AND praying for it more earnestly because in this way of affliction, tribulation, troubles, and obstacles I have found LIFE, just as he promised!

\0/  HalleluYah  \0/


  1. Wow, YahKheena....what a blessed trip. I also want to thank you for the gardening wonderful and very helpful!

  2. Praise Yah! What a wonderful testimony!

  3. Oh, Praise Yah INDEED! Sweet sister, I understand the words of your heart... and I bless the Father of Lights for HIS faithfulness in YOUR life, {an mine =) } He had shown me something similar just before Sukkot... He is amazing! So good to hear from you again, and with such PRAISE of our King and Lover of our souls! Hallelu Yah! I am rejoicing with you!!!!! love you!